Tees for a Cure Winter Edit

14 Designers. One Cause.

Catlin Crisp - Federation - Hailwood - Juliette Hogan - Kathryn Wilson -
Kiri Nathan - Kowtow - NOM*d - STORM - Taylor - Tuesday Label - Wynn Hamlyn -
Yvonne Bennetti - Zambesi

 By supporting Tees for Cure Winter Edit you will help raise vital funds for breast cancer research and help protect our next generation of New Zealanders to look forward to a future free from the fear of breast cancer.

Available Stock, women’s sizing unless specified:

Caitlin Crisp Long Sleeve Tee: 2XL Unisex
Hailwood Long Sleeve Tee: Med
Kathryn Wilson Long Sleeve Tee: XS, XL, 2XL Unisex
Kiri Nathan Sweater: XL
Nom*D Long Sleeve Tee: (Red Graphic XS) S, M, L, XL
Storm Long Sleeve Tee: S, M, L, XL

Taylor Sweater: XS
Tuesday Label Long Sleeve Tee: Medium
Yvonne Bennetti Sweater: XL
Zambesi Sweater: XS, M Men’s, XL

Thank you to our designers

Thank you for your support