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Breast Cancer Cure and Dairy Women’s Network are proud to join forces with Milk for a Cure. An opportunity for dairy farmers to turn as little as 1kg of milk solids each month into vital funds for life-saving breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is taking two of our nation’s women from us every day, whilst one woman is diagnosed with the disease every three hours. Women in the farming community are often in more unique situations that can make accessing treatment and support networks harder. 

That’s why we’re calling on you to rally together in support of your fellow female farmers.

We know how busy you are on the farm, so we’ve set it up so that the donation is automatically deducted from your Fonterra milk cheque. A simple step you can take, that shows your support. And don’t worry, if you are not with Fonterra or even on a farm, you can still take part easily by signing up as a monthly donor. Register via the ‘monthly giving’ button below.

We invite you to help the next generation look forward to a future that is free from the fear of breast cancer and improve lives with every drop of New Zealand milk.

Join us, and let’s turn Milk, into a CURE.


Breast Cancer Cure is New Zealand’s only not-for-profit established solely to find a cure for breast cancer. We can’t stop everyone from getting breast cancer, but our mission is to prevent as many cases as possible. For those we can’t prevent, we believe we can turn breast cancer into a disease people live with, not die from.

Research continues to be pivotal in developing our understanding and preventing, managing and curing cancer. It is at the heart of progress made to date, and essential we continue to drive improvements, to stop people dying from the disease.

Read the Milk for a Cure Press Release

Find out about the life-changing research that you will be supporting through Milk for a Cure in our funded projects.