By leaving a gift to Breast Cancer Cure in your Will, you are supporting life-changing research into a breast cancer CURE.   


“Funding awarded to our research group over the years has impacted the lives of families in New Zealand and around the world.”



Leaving a Legacy

A gift in your Will to Breast Cancer Cure, ensures you are supporting life-changing research, happening right here in New Zealand, by our brightest scientists in leading educational institutions. 

Gifts left in Wills make a huge contribution to Breast Cancer Cure, providing the vital funds we need to continue our work.

Your Legacy will support the next generation and help to create a future free from the fear of breast cancer.

Thank you for considering making this significant commitment to Breast Cancer Cure. We are truly grateful for your support of the cause.  


Where Your Lasting Gift Goes

We are an organisation that works tirelessly to raise funds for research into a breast cancer cure. Important research, that changes lives and that could not go ahead if we didn’t have the support of generous, future-focused people like you. 

Since its establishment, Breast Cancer Cure has funded many significant research projects in New Zealand, totaling close to $11 million in grants due to the lack of government funding directly into breast cancer. 

Some of the New Zealand institutions to benefit from Breast Cancer Cure's work include the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago, The Liggins Institute in Auckland, the Malaghan Institute in Wellington, University of Auckland and Massey University.

Learn more about the research projects we fund and how your gift will support future inroads into a breast cancer CURE here.


“I have developed a number of projects in the area of genomic health, to better understand why some people develop breast cancer and to help doctors prevent or treat this disease. Our research has been made possible through funding received outside my University from agencies and charities, including Breast Cancer Cure.”