A New Moo-Vement For Breast Cancer Cure and Dairy Women's Network

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day this June, Breast Cancer Cure (BCC) is once again partnering with Dairy Women’s Network for its new campaign ‘Milk for a Cure’. The new initiative emphasises how a pint sized donation can have a huge impact on the lives of others.

While this year’s World Milk Day might be virtual, we are still raising a glass to all those who love and work the land to bring us the best delicious and nutritious milk. 

One woman every three hours is told they have breast cancer and women in the farming community are often in more unique situations that can make accessing treatment and support networks harder.

That’s why the BCC and Dairy Women’s Network are calling on rural communities to rally together in support of their fellow female farmers.

The ‘Milk for a Cure’ initiative encourages members to donate a minimum of 1kg of milk solids per month to Breast Cancer Cure, equating at roughly $5 per kg. 

Phillipa Green, CEO of BCC, says this small donation may be a drop in the milk vat for farmers, but when pooled together, can help fund the crucial advancement of breast cancer research. “BCC understands that farmers are constantly busy, so the donation is automatically deducted from their milk cheques and goes directly towards scientific research. A simple step that shows significant support.”

Jules Benton, CEO of The Dairy Women’s Network says, “We have 10,000 active members from around the country and each one of them has a passion for rural life and women’s health. We are so happy to be supporting and contributing to such an important cause that helps all women of New Zealand.” 

Green comments, “The impact of an initiative such as ‘Milk for a Cure’ is not only felt now, but will continue to be felt for generations to come and shows the power of a collective force.”

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