Breast Cancer Cure is New Zealand’s only not-for-profit organisation established solely to find a cure for breast cancer. More than ever, we need people to commit to assisting our efforts to raise money for research.



New Zealand has the seventh highest incidence rate of Breast Cancer in the world of one in nine.

Breast Cancer is taking two of our nation’s women from us every day, whilst one woman is diagnosed with the disease every three hours.

89% of women diagnosed are now surviving more than five years, so while we can see an end in sight, we are not there yet.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that the next generation can look forward to a future free from the fear of breast cancer. 

Research is pivotal to further developing our understanding of how we can better prevent, manage and cure cancer. New Zealand-funded studies and trials have been at the heart of major breakthroughs, and further funding is critical to create the great ‘leaps and bounds’ we need to stop people dying from the disease. 

We can’t stop everyone from getting breast cancer, but our mission is to prevent as many cases as possible. For those we can’t prevent, we believe we can turn breast cancer into a disease people live with, not die from.


Research will find a Breast Cancer Cure.


Our Research Partnerships

Breast Cancer Cure has funded over $11M of research in New Zealand over 15 years ranging from studies into the use of antibodies as a targeted treatment for controlling growth of breast cancer cells, to early detection of breast cancer, to research in the field of immunotherapy and the harnessing of our own immune systems to combat breast cancer.

Some of the New Zealand institutions to benefit from Breast Cancer Cure's work include the University of Canterbury, The University of Otago, The Liggins Institute in Auckland, The Malaghan Institute in Wellington, University of Auckland, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington and the Canterbury District Health Board.

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Every day two women lose their battle against breast cancer. This is Natalie Murphy's story, one of these brave women. It is also the story of the scientists working to find a cure.

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